Welcome to our website! 

We are a small family business established in 2017 , we consist of a husband and wife team with family members helping out when they can! 

We started bathboards ltd from our home and garage, Mr bathboards making the bathboards in our garage & painting and packing in our front room and dining room!

 We steadily moved up to our unit, which is rapidly running out of space?! 

When the lovely Mrs Hinch 'hinched' us our instagram page went crazy and we now have 50,000 followers! HY If you are here from there!

We started bathboards as Mrs bathboards loves her baths and Mr bathboards being a joiner and made her a bathboard and it took off from there!

Our ideas were taking over our life of the possibilities of how we could be making bathtime YOUR TIME we worked 24 7 building up our businesss right from the start with Mr Bathboards working 2 jobs ( still does) 

We are passionate about what we do and have loved our bathboards journey so far and we hope you find a bathboard you love and even some accessories to go with it!

Happy shopping! We aim to make bathtime your time!

Big LOVE the bathboards team!!